Web Designing

Website design has become a wide-ranging process that includes a number of different disciplines, from user experience design, to document markup, to serious programming. Our approach to capturing the look and feel of a site is to create style tiles, which give examples of color schemes, branding elements, content and UI treatments, and mood boards without applying them to a specific page layout. The idea is to agree upon a consistent visual language (theme) for the site.

"Intutive design is how we give the user new superpowers." - Jared Spool

A fair amount of the web design process involves the creation and troubleshooting of the documents, style sheets, scripts, and images that make up a site. As the Web has evolved into a platform of applications for getting stuff done, programming has never been more important. JavaScript is the language that makes elements on web pages do things. It adds behaviors and functionality to elements in the page and even to the browser window itself.


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